Melbourne Born Sam Angelico has been performing magic professionally since the age of 10yrs old. As a regular child celebrity guest on “New Faces” and “Young Talent Time” he become an Melbourne icon in the entertainment scene. 

At the age of 18yr, he performed at the “Last Laugh” & “Flying Trapeze Cafe”, then he combined forces with “The Busby Berkeleys” and was booked for world tours throughout Europe, the USA and Asia. 

In his early 20’s, he created his world famous “Clock Act” and in later years competed in F.I.S.M, the equivalent of the “Olympic” for magicians. Here he won the prestigious title of “World Champion of Comedy Magic”, launching him on the world stage as a solo act. 

He’s performed for many years in Teatro Zinzanni in Seattle and San Francisco. Jupiters Casino on the Gold Coast in the “Hidden Palace” production, Genting World Resort Malaysia, the main act for world cruise liners. He’s also performed in many Australian and international magic events  and festivals, plus many television magic specials across the globe. 

He has  left a blazing trail behind him and is regarded as a “Legend” amongst magicians.

Has performed professionally & internationally as a professional magician/Illusionist for over 25 years. Specialising in improvisational performance & magic, she has enchanted her way across the globe featuring in festivals, functions & world class events where no female magician has performed before.

A magician in her own right she is a rare woman indeed. Rosanna is a public speaker and is a great role model to young girls, encouraging them that ‘anything is possible’ even embracing a career stereotypically for men.

Rosanna was employed weekly by the Humour Foundation as a professional “Clown Doctor” for 15yrs. One of 55 specialised performers Australia wide, Rosanna worked alongside medical staff as an aid to support children in very difficult times, entertaining, distracting & creating humour where no one thought possible. She was most effective in cheering up distressed children, providing appropriate & mindful comedy relief for the whole family.

Rosanna is a natural teacher & born entertainer.​

Already 20yrs in the business, Rosanna receives a phone call. 

Through her sterling reputation, an outstanding illusionist, Sam Angelico invites Rosanna to lunch that spanned 11hr. 

They had much in common. Both of Sicilian heritage, both shared the same philosophies in magic which is to create  joy & ‘wonder’ for an audience through the art of story-telling and audience engagement.

After 3mths they’re performing side by side as two illusionists in their own production called ‘Illusionaire’. 

So how does a women get into a career in Magic? Rosanna loved magic when she was young and was regarded as quite a ‘tomboy’ being the middle sibling of two brothers. 

Doug Henning & David Copperfield were her idoles never missing their magic specials but it wasn’t her life’s goal to perform, in fact the idea of being in the public eye was crippling.

In her mid 20’s she decided to embrace her fear of public speaking which lead her to theatre-sports (Improve Performing).

She encounters a master of magic & entertainment – Mike Van Acker; he pointed her to magic books and said teach yourself , “I guess he wanted to see if I had ‘the drive’, which I did”. Dave Lord of “Magic Works” in her home town Brisbane, taught her very first professional magic effects.

Rosanna proudly started out as a children’s magician. The word started to spread of her fabulous magic show & the phone started to ring off the hook with gigs. 

Her disciplines include specialised effects for each genre for :

Corporate Stage Shows, Table/Close-up Magic, Roaming/Mingling Magic, Children Stage Shows, Festivals and Trade Shows. 

Her mentors included award winning magicians: “Dan the Magic Man” (Brand), Doc Eason, Greg Willson and Tim Ellis. They taught her close up magic & help develop a dazzling corporate show. 

She moved to Sydney, with regular clients being: Coca Cola, Louis Vuitton, Mercedes, Moet Australia, Hilton & Stanford Plaza Hotel just to mention a few, and now lives in Melbourne.


Shows will continue throughout 2020. Please select “Book Now” for available dates.