“Wonderfully personalised experience! Even as a keen-eyed skeptic that was trying to dismantle the trickery, I was left totally baffled by most of the show – and entertained constantly, due to their charisma and humour. It is an intimate gathering by design, meaning that you do get up close and personal with Sam and Rosanna – almost everyone in the audience participated in some manner, making it even more special.The two hours absolutely flew by. Very interesting venue, makes the show quite unique. Highly recommend for all ages, it was good clean humour and gave a great sense of wonder. Even for the most seasoned and knowledgeable viewer, there will be a few tricks that will stay on your mind puzzling you for agood while afterwards We felt very welcomed and appreciated, and it is clear that they love what they do.”
Holly B.
Tripadvisor Review
“Magnifico! My son & I had the great pleasure of sharing an evening with Sam & Rosanna & our fellow spellbound audience members. This is a show not to be missed in a very interesting setting. Sam & Rosanna are true entertainers & engage the audience in their magical mysteries. A top night of entertainment & a must see if you are in Melbourne.”
Darryl M.
Tripadvisor Review
“I am now #1 Grand Pa since taking my grandchildren to see real and close up Magic. Thanks Sam and Rosanna”. “Taking my 2 Grandchildren to an amazing Magic Show which they and myself were Amazingly entertained. All Grand Parents should take their Families to see this Event. Nothing short of surprising and Colourful entertainment that can only be said is Truly presented by two Professional entertainers.”
Trevor W.
Tripadvisor Review
“You know if you’re 8 year old says “that show was EPIC!!!” that it was enjoyed just by them just as much as you – a fab performance in a very unique setting. My daughter even asked when Illusionaire was going to be on tv – great job Sam and Rosanna”
Fiona P.
Facebook Review
“Engaging Entertainment!” – “Great interactive show by 2 people who are exceptionally talented. Their enthusiasm is infectious and their skill to entertain is to be applauded. Had a great afternoon and really appreciated the opportunity to witness great entertainment up close. Small cost but high value. Thanks guys well done.Graeme and Linda”
Graeme M.
Tripadvisor Review

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